A quick minute on me….

  • Who am I?   A 33 year old mum of two.
  • What are my interests?  My husband and kids (always come first), fashion, SHOES, travel and all things pink!
  • Where am I?  Currently living in NYC. We moved here about ten months ago from Sydney, Australia.
  • Work? Yes, I work in advertising.
  • When did i start this blog?  After thinking of starting a blog when we moved to NYC Nov-11, i finally have done it in Sept-12. Hey, better late than never!
  • Why did I start this blog?  I love to look at the bright side of life – ever the optimist – this blog is really to share the experiences and things that have brought a smile to my face (mostly shoes, clothes and handbags).

|Ev xo

New York City

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