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Pink Passion…

I am officially obsessed with pink.
And when I say obsessed, I am not referring to a mere weekly Gossip Girl habit…

Just to provide you with some context I could mention a few things – this pink blog, my Pinterest board dedicated to pink (would you expect anything else?), my work desk with bright pink stationary, the children’s bedroom and clothes (I swear I will turn them off being girly and they will become tomboys or goth’s), the multiple pink OPI lacquers, Pink dedicated Instagram account I stalk follow.
I am going to stop there however and not further divulge symptoms of my P-OCD (Pink Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), before you think me insane.

Surprisingly however, there is very little pink in my wardrobe. So little in fact, that one would never suspect my P-OCD.
Times however, they are a changing. I was determined to turn this disgraceful situation around.

Allow me to introduce you to my new Jean-Michel Cazabat shoes.
Not only is the shoe gorge, but I love to pretty packaging. It all add’s to the super-special shoe experience. Who else puts a heart in the box?!?!?!?

Hot pink and HOT – with some nice black detail and an amazing heel (taking me from 4 foot nothing to a much more acceptable hight).
Add to some skinny leg jeans or black opaque tights & skirts for fall.
Don’t be afraid of the pink, these shoes work with everything – we are talking super versatile!!!



Look 1 − 7 For All Mankind jeans, with black satin top and grey jacket (both a few seasons old and not even sure where from – mixing up the old and new!).
Look 2 – Zara skirt and the (same) black satin top with bow tie-up at the back.

Now all I need are some pink tops and skirts to infuse colour into my winter wardrobe.
Oh dear, I will just have to go shopping again (you totes twisted my arm).

|Ev xo

Headband Heaven

The LV S/S-13 show – where beautiful headbands came to be reborn.

There were many things I wanted from the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 13 show – and can we just reflect for a moment on the featured carousel!!!

Seriously though, all down the LV runway we witnessed beautiful girls strutting with equally beautiful satin bow headbands. This season LV Hair was ALL about the headband.

It was classic…cute…girly. It would work on long hair, short hair, mid-length hair.
Dress it up, make is casual. It just works with everything.
To quote Veruca Salt “I don’t’ care how, I want it NOW”. Preferably in every color.

While I have no problem spending a few thousand dollars on a LV bag – the thought of spending an exorbitant amount on these headbands – whilst beautiful – did leave me feeling conflicted.

That said, I am all for channeling Blair (circ. season 1-2 especially) of Gossip Girl–

“I did not buy this at Walmart”








So… here are some of my fave and more affordable solutions…

(1) Gap, Red Satin Bow Headband $5.99
(2) Johnny Loves Rosie, Flat Bow Navy Polka-dot Headband $35.18
(3) L.Erickson, Double Loop Bow Headband, $24
(4) Sonia Rykiel, Green Acetate Headband $58.93
(5) Henri Bendel, No. 7 Enamel Headband, $28
(6) L.Erickson, Two-Tier Coco Bow Headband, $43.95

Go forth, and may the headband love your hair as much as we love it.

|Ev xo

Cuckoo for Coco (Chanel that is)

SO – i feel like the world may have just spun off it’s axis….. not even joking.
I just encountered my first negative Chanel experience.

It’s ok ladies. Take a deep breath and have a calming Chamomile tea.
I can get through this.

Obsessed. The key word to describe my feelings for Chanel.
L-O-V-E the “double C” – i mean who doesn’t? No really – who? (furrowing brow in anger)

Then there is Karl, we’re on as first name basis… and don’t even get me started on the bags. I want each and every one.

My new Chanel Inimitable Intense mascara, delightful – the lip-gloss sample i received from the lovely lady at the counter, just gorgeous.
Everything they do is amazing. Elegant. Classic.

So you can see my conundrum when today the experience was devastating.
The mission was to find a BOLD lip color for this evening’s festivities – outfit was planned, this was the final piece of the evening puzzle.
After a robust conversation regarding bold pink versus bold oxblood tones, my friendly sales associate and I landed a striking  Levres Scintillantes in Myriad.
Great, happy shopper departed the store only to discover (an hour later when sharing my newly found love of daring lip-gloss with a friend) that what was placed into my goodie bag was in fact a nude colored gloss.  UMMM WHAT?
Racing back to the store (remember, this is an important piece to outfit completion for this evening) down a windy 7th Avenue – no coat – bumping into crowds.
I made it back to the counter, unable to find my original sales lady. After capturing the attention of another retail assistant I was informed they were sold out of that color.


So my outfit may now be ruined – and not sure I am  able to make it to dinner.
Does this stop me being cuckoo for Coco??
Let’s be honest, NO. The reason it was sold out is because their products ARE SO GOOD!!
I must continue on and find solace in a different lip color for the evening.

I will leave you with a few parting words from Coco herself.

“Fashion changes, but style endures.”
– Coco Chanel

Chanel love forever.
|Ev xo

When shopping gods align!

We have all had the shopping expeditions where you just can’t seem to find anything – rest assured that this was not one of those unsettling shopping experiences.

My “accidental” shopping expedition on Columbus Day turned up some serious goods.
It was like the shopping god was in cahoots with Cupid himself – and they had struck me with the “I LOVE THIS, I NEED TO BUY THIS” arrow. Damn it, like I really needed any more push toward a sales till.

Entering the treacherous world of deceiving mirrors – annoying shop assistants and pushy crowds… this day was unlike others.
Everything I grabbed off a rack looked lovely, furthermore everything seemed to look great on. There was endless shop interiors lined with amazing clothing goods all calling my name.
In a bizarre turn of events, it even seemed that I had dropped a clothing size (not possible with the food consumption I have been indulging in – there must be a mis-labelling situation happening) and EVERYTHING FIT.

While the inner shopaholic in me (yes we have all seen the movie when “Rebecca Blooomwood”  lands a job as a financial journalist in New York City to support her shopping addiction and the bills pile up under her bed) was whispering in my ear “The limit on your credit card is merely a suggestion”.
Somehow I managed to grasp a hold back on reality and contain myself. Yes, wonders will never cease.

Besides…. there is alway next weekend right?
Bringing home three shopping bags, two weekends in a row is SO much better than bringing home six shopping bags from one shopping expedition.

My loot contained some great fall pieces. Classic and versatile.

Banana Republic Sloan Fit black pants. Fantastic for pumps or boots.
Mid-rise and super flattering (by BR’s own admission – this is their sexiest fit).
They will go with everything from longer less fitted tops (day or night) to tailored blouses.
These genius pants also come at a bargain price. It’s love.

Armani Exchange black embellished off shoulder top.
Cute with skinny jeans if heading out for a casual cocktail.
We all love a bit of decorative action this season, this top has just enough detail.

Armani Exchange Funnel Neck Moto Jacket – you need to keep warm in the cold NY fall, what better way.
This jacket works with most anything and has a fantastic cut.
Zip all the way up for the cute funnel neck look – or leave unzipped with a tank underneath for a slightly more sexy revealing look.

May the shopping force be with you.

|Ev xo

Celebrating Columbus Day on 5th Avenue

When in Rome do as the Romans do – right?!?!
It would have been inexcusable not get amongst the spirit, and celebrate Columbus Day (I really had no excuse as it was a work free day for me).
So I did it in the best way I knew how – the all american way with the Columbus Day Parade on 5th Avenue! What is more American than a parade?

The outfit I selected for such an important day?
Zara faux fur vest (it was cold!!!!), 7 For All Man Kind jeans, black Ralph Lauren ankle boots and my cherished Chanel handbag.

It wasn’t just about the phenomenal shopping on this famous New York street – I am pleading the fifth and continue to maintain I went with ALL good intentions to simply watch the annual Columbus Day Parade and then accidentally tripped and fell into Saks, Banana Republic and Armani Exchange (just to name a few)….


I walked out of Saks a woman obsessed.
Obsessed and determined that (before the year is out) I will be the proud owner of the limited edition Chanel embellished logo cuff bracelet and some  Christian Louboutin Vampanodo Satin and Suede Bow platform sandals – EPIC!!!!!!!!


At $1,900 for the Chanel cuff and $1000 for the shoes, I don’t think my husband or my bank manager are going to be very impressed with a certain shopaholic.
Maybe Santa could be ever so kind????

The loot I ended up with? Well, let’s just say I did ok, but that is for another post.
For now, I’m off to dream of satin bows and intertwined C’s instead…
Goodnight to all.

|Ev xo