Leaving on a jet plane.

We all want to look better than we do when we come off a flight.
We all want to be comfortable in the way too small, uncomfortable chairs.
We all want to have a handy place to safely hold our passport/boarding pass, wallet, iPhone and lip gloss.

We all need a cross body bag.

While I have never been a huge fan previously – I recently invested in one (credit to the Black Friday sales!!).
Having just traveled with my new purchase to Europe, I must say it was a great investment.

This DKNY cross body bag was not bulky but big enough to comfortably hold your essentials.
Loving that it leaves your hands free and is zipped so nothing falls out.
Overall a great traveling companion.







































Next I just need to work on convincing my CFO (aka husband) that Louis Vuitton luggage IS worth it…

|Ev xo

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