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Ev & The City – Philadelphia Edition

The move to NY materialised due to my obsession with this city (reasons why warrant a post of their own).
It did however create another obsession – to visit every state before our return to Australia (yes – even some of the ones that I have been told you could and should skip!!).
This leads me to our Philadelphia road-trip adventure.

Rocking some lazy weekend wear – I actually stepped out in jeggings (I know – fashion faux-pas, please forgive).
Hoping that the cute Zara top and Michael Kors Hamilton tote made up for them…

They say there are two things that married couples shouldn’t do: Travel or Renovate. They didn’t lie.

I gave good directions. I said take the 38.
I don’t know if it’s the east or west exit – my iPhone can’t zoom out that quickly with the awesome AT&T coverage i am experiencing…. ask me sooner!
Anyway – I will not bore you with the monotonous details, only to say that our two hour road-trip took much longer and our marriage hung in the balance (add to this my car sick daughter).

Ever the happy camper – we arrived in Philadelphia and the good mood returned. Let’s get amongst it and see this city!
The beautiful buildings, rich history, quaint streets all being enjoyed in gorgeous sunny weather.
Now who could forget the infamous Rocky steps, all 72 of them?!?!?!?? Obviously the main reason i traveled down…

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After a few of the main tourist spots, we stumbled on the shopping!! I was certainly pleased to see that Tiffany’s remains gorgeous no matter which state I visit!
Philly – I would definitely come back.

|Ev xo

P.S I will continue to dispute that I am in fact a good navigator – and people just don’t understand my directions!!