MBFW – New York

I am lucky to be able to say there have been many moments in my life that will remain engrained in my memory.

Today was one of them (for the non-mummy side of me) – the world spun off it’s axis!
My first ever attendance to a MBFW show.
Watching the Tracy Reese show was exhilarating. The energy – the people – the lights – the music.

Firstly my hair was given volume (a constant mission of mine) by Don, the fabulous TRESemme stylist in their two story hair salon!

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Second, I somehow managed to warrant a seating position!!
Obviously not the front row (reserved for the likes of Bloomingdales, important fashion and NY press and celebrities).
Row 1 position 1 – reserved for one of my favourites..

Then there was the clothes, beautiful, colourful, with sharp structured angles around necklines mixed with flowing spring fabrics, beading and embroidery. My favourites included a stunning blue jumpsuit and a beaded halter shift.

We even witnessed a nipple-gate episode, with a very deeply cut jacket not sitting and covering what it should. Dealt with by the poor model in the most professional manner, the slipped jacket was placed back within seconds, not a beat missed.

Celebrity spottings included: Shenae Grimes (see below), Lauren Conrad and George Kotsiopoulos.

What an experience…
|Ev xo


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