Shoe situation

There is a joyous new shoe purchase – then there is a shoe procedure to follow.

You buy the Louboutin shoes.
You leave the Louboutin shoes in the brown box, wrapped in the original white paper and with the red dust bag protecting them, maybe for a month.
You check in on them every few days, to marvel and their beauty.
You may then take the Louboutin’s out for their first public appearance. BUT, somewhere you know they will be safe and only on carpet (we don’t want to damage those gorgeous signature red soles).
You continue to protect the red soles by only venturing with them on carpet, for another few months.

After the above procedure, you are ready, ready to take them into the world and into potentially damaging pavements.

The shoe situation i find myself in, is this….
It is NY Fashion Week, luck has landed me a ticket. I have the perfect shoes to wear to the show. However my “Disconoeud 140” have only been owned for just over a month – not even out on carpet for their first public appearance yet…. What do I do? Do I go against the above and wear them?

Surely NY Fashion week trumps the normal shoe procedure and is the perfect place to debut them…!?!?!

|Ev xo

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