Oh what a (NYC) night…

As a mommy and a lover of nightlife, I’d like to set up for you the dichotomy that is my Thursday night.
Rushing from a school PTA meeting (my daughter started big girls school last week. SO CUTE) to a big outdoor party in the city.

Running incredibly late so no real time for outfit change.
The outfit – my new favourite skinny leg AG Jeans – a cute red top – and finished off with the matching red  & silver Christian Louboutin (FoxTrot Slingback) heels.

A quick refresh of the make up – and a bold red lip. Off we go….

It was a great party, with the beautiful backdrop of St. Bartholomew’s cathedral.
The bar is Inside Park at St Bart’s – on Park Ave next to the Waldorf Astoria – BEAUTIFUL!!
The crowd was enjoying the remaining evenings in NY where you can still be outdoors comfortably.

There was music, there was lighting, there was food and there was drink…
Then there was a frenzy of excitement.

I was trying to understand what was going on, as this apparent excitement was being caused by a young kid that looked about twelve.
Who is he?? (I had no idea) Why are all the girls carrying on?

I have since been brought up to speed on the latest in British pop music, and am told he is the new Justin Bieber.
Ladies and gents, the twelve year old was Conor Manyard.
With me never being one to shy away from a photo, and wanting to add to your reading pleasure, i forced myself to take a happy snap…

Just another night in NYC – looking forward to the next one!

|Ev xo


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