Hair Affair

The relationship we have with our hair can only be described as an affair to remember.
We remember our good hair days (and those pictures are sure to be plastered all over facebook), shudder at the bad and are in a constant pursuit of the glamorous.

Las time I stepped outside the comfort zone of a trim was traumatic – to say the least.
The entire office had been walking around like models from their visits to a resident hair guru – I was not so lucky.
After waiting weeks for an appointment to this hair genius, it was finally my turn. My creative brief was clear “Shorter, easy to manage as I don’t even have the time to commit to a weekly episode of Gossip Girl – let alone daily styling”.
The hairspray in the air had obviously impaired his hearing as what I left the chair with was nothing short of a mullet in reverse – that needed an hour long regime  before you could even think about leaving the house (and even then…)
I still need remedies for anxiety just thinking about it — it has only been two years after all.

Last night I placed trust in new hairdresser. I ventured to Meatpacking to Bumble & Bumble.

Long hair, short hair, layered hair, colored hair, straightened hair, curled hair – all these choices we are faced with when we head into the salon.
Not to mention the prep work needed before you head into a nice salon – let’s be honest, these people are stylists, you don’t want them looking at your ensemble with “THAT” look…

Early preparation is vital – given I was heading directly to my hair appointment from work the outfit had to be an all day one.
I landed on yellow Karl Lagerfeld jeans (the rain and yesterday’s gray weather ain’t keeping these babies hidden in a closet), black top, black Calvin Klein bolero and Ralph Lauren ankle boots.
Not terrible for a 6am wardrobe decision…

One last thing to balance is the husband  request and constant battle of short Vs long hair.
If I had my way, my hair would be short and blonde (Reese Witherspoon circa  Sweet Home Alabama), if my husband had his way it would more closely resemble Botticelli’s Venus…
Can there be a happy medium?? We will soon find out.

Bumble & Bumble was amazing.
My stylist was friendly without being over bearing and guided me through my hair cut choices  and the balancing act between short and long hair.
The salon decor was gorgeous and the surrounding views spanning lower Manhattan breathtaking.

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Ahhhh….. I’ve found my hairdresser in NY.
LOVE this place – will be back for sure!

|Ev xo

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