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Florals and corals

Summertime should not preclude you from wearing black.
Au contraire – you just need to make it feel more summery with some florals, or a splash of colour!

My favourite colour this season has to be anything in the coral family. I am finding myself drawn to anything coral spotted on the rack.
So pretty and feminine.

So here is my version of a summertime “black” outfit.


Love this Alex Perry top with a beautiful big floral pattern, an interesting vest-like shape at the top and flattering pleats.


Loving the hair donut!!
So quick, easy and elegant.


Nail colour by Essie – Haute As Hello


The detail on this bag is gorgeous – from the multi coloured panels, to the DVF kiss!

DSC_0346 DSC_0353 DSC_0371 DSC_0401 DSC_0409 DSC_0420 DSC_0427 DSC_0444 DSC_0446 DSC_0466

Floral top – Alex Perry
Skirt – Loft
Shoes – Christian Louboutin En Passant
Bag – DVF 
Nail Polish – Haute As Hello by Essie
Hair donut – here

Enjoying my summer – hope you are too!
|Ev xo

Ev & The City – Charleston Edition

I am pretty much ready to run away to the South!
After a few days, I have fallen deeply in love with Charleston.

DSC_0289 DSC_0240 DSC_0264 DSC_0272 DSC_0295 DSC_0306

The food (yes I tried grits, and no they are not for me!), the cute buildings running along cobblestone streets, the history, markets, horse drawn carriages…
Added to this, it was perfect warm weather every day.
Ohhh so dreamy – leaving me in a pastel frame of mind.



DSC_0745Trying something new with my hair – I have finally purchased the hair donut (a few dollars from H&M – and they stock various sizes to suit everyone).
Result – AWESOME. It was super easy and took me no more than two minutes!!

DSC_0738 DSC_0725 DSC_0623
Shorts – Loft
Top – Calvin Klein
Bag – Gucci
Shoes – PeepToe
Glasses – Chanel
Nails – California Coral by Essie

Off to watch Gone With The Wind now with my favourite leading southern man, Rhett Butler… quickly grab the smelling salts…
|Ev xo


My Big “BANGS” Theory!

I had a theory, a theory that:
–          Brunettes with bangs have more fun
–          Bangs would make me look a bit younger (perhaps from fear and hope as my birthday approaches….)
–          I would love them on me
–          My husband wouldn’t…
So I decided to take the leap.
As I went for a quick trim (at the gorgeous Butterfly Salon – a must try!!) i watched the hairdresser excitedly cut off 12 inches of hair…
Butterfly Studio Salon
Top: Zara lace & pattern blouse.
New Bangs!
Top: Zara lace & pattern blouse.
New Bangs
If it’s good for Kim K and the first lady, it’s good for me….
Bangs are back baby.
|Ev xo

Headband Heaven

The LV S/S-13 show – where beautiful headbands came to be reborn.

There were many things I wanted from the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 13 show – and can we just reflect for a moment on the featured carousel!!!

Seriously though, all down the LV runway we witnessed beautiful girls strutting with equally beautiful satin bow headbands. This season LV Hair was ALL about the headband.

It was classic…cute…girly. It would work on long hair, short hair, mid-length hair.
Dress it up, make is casual. It just works with everything.
To quote Veruca Salt “I don’t’ care how, I want it NOW”. Preferably in every color.

While I have no problem spending a few thousand dollars on a LV bag – the thought of spending an exorbitant amount on these headbands – whilst beautiful – did leave me feeling conflicted.

That said, I am all for channeling Blair (circ. season 1-2 especially) of Gossip Girl–

“I did not buy this at Walmart”








So… here are some of my fave and more affordable solutions…

(1) Gap, Red Satin Bow Headband $5.99
(2) Johnny Loves Rosie, Flat Bow Navy Polka-dot Headband $35.18
(3) L.Erickson, Double Loop Bow Headband, $24
(4) Sonia Rykiel, Green Acetate Headband $58.93
(5) Henri Bendel, No. 7 Enamel Headband, $28
(6) L.Erickson, Two-Tier Coco Bow Headband, $43.95

Go forth, and may the headband love your hair as much as we love it.

|Ev xo

The Standard was anything but!

The Standard NYC is certainly anything but.
I mean look – if it’s good enough for Brad and Ange (who have partied there) then it’s good enough for me 🙂

From the outset, when you step out of your yellow taxi onto the charming Meatpacking District cobblestone street, you are hit with the amazing smell coming from the grill.
Then luxury engulfs you as enter the hotel foyer. From the dimly light sleek looking foyer – to the elevators video installation by Marco Brambilla, you know you are in for a treat and this is going to be one of those quintessential NYC experiences.
This was the setting for Lucky Magazines “Ultimate Style Guide” celebration, suiting venue indeed.

With the amazing TRESemmé stylists Tyler & Jeanie on hand to add hair glamour to a room overflowing with it, it was time to talk style.
From a short pink sequinned dress I spotted (possibly my favourite of the night), braided hair creations that would take me a week to complete, shoe and handbags to drool over, and delicious treats of both the food and beverage variety. I may have eaten more than one lobster roll and enjoyed a vodka cocktail (maybe two!)

My outfit?
Armani Exchange dress, black tights, a decorative feather headband and black Christian Louboutin Decollete pumps to complete the look.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Until the next time.

|Ev xo

Hair Affair

The relationship we have with our hair can only be described as an affair to remember.
We remember our good hair days (and those pictures are sure to be plastered all over facebook), shudder at the bad and are in a constant pursuit of the glamorous.

Las time I stepped outside the comfort zone of a trim was traumatic – to say the least.
The entire office had been walking around like models from their visits to a resident hair guru – I was not so lucky.
After waiting weeks for an appointment to this hair genius, it was finally my turn. My creative brief was clear “Shorter, easy to manage as I don’t even have the time to commit to a weekly episode of Gossip Girl – let alone daily styling”.
The hairspray in the air had obviously impaired his hearing as what I left the chair with was nothing short of a mullet in reverse – that needed an hour long regime  before you could even think about leaving the house (and even then…)
I still need remedies for anxiety just thinking about it — it has only been two years after all.

Last night I placed trust in new hairdresser. I ventured to Meatpacking to Bumble & Bumble.

Long hair, short hair, layered hair, colored hair, straightened hair, curled hair – all these choices we are faced with when we head into the salon.
Not to mention the prep work needed before you head into a nice salon – let’s be honest, these people are stylists, you don’t want them looking at your ensemble with “THAT” look…

Early preparation is vital – given I was heading directly to my hair appointment from work the outfit had to be an all day one.
I landed on yellow Karl Lagerfeld jeans (the rain and yesterday’s gray weather ain’t keeping these babies hidden in a closet), black top, black Calvin Klein bolero and Ralph Lauren ankle boots.
Not terrible for a 6am wardrobe decision…

One last thing to balance is the husband  request and constant battle of short Vs long hair.
If I had my way, my hair would be short and blonde (Reese Witherspoon circa  Sweet Home Alabama), if my husband had his way it would more closely resemble Botticelli’s Venus…
Can there be a happy medium?? We will soon find out.

Bumble & Bumble was amazing.
My stylist was friendly without being over bearing and guided me through my hair cut choices  and the balancing act between short and long hair.
The salon decor was gorgeous and the surrounding views spanning lower Manhattan breathtaking.

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Ahhhh….. I’ve found my hairdresser in NY.
LOVE this place – will be back for sure!

|Ev xo