Ev & The City – Washington Edition

You could say I’m into politics – if by “into politics” you mean I am into the chic party (aka. fundraiser) Beyonce and Jay Z threw Obama in NY last week.

I could not help feeling patriotic as I visited the nations capital Washington, D.C.
Yes, I know I am not even American.

Washington is gorgeous.
Pretty buildings, fantastic architecture and those decorative street lamps that remind me of Paris (although without all that excessive gold the Parisians seem to be so fond of).
Then there may be one or two fairly famous monuments and memorials.

Outfit choice was tricky. It was a long drive so I wanted comfort – but didn’t want to step out in public wearing the jegging’s again (still haven’t forgiven myself for that one).
I landed on my favourite AG jeans and a cute T. What made the T so fitting was the stars – OK so although not the correct color scheme of red, white and blue (forgive the purple) I did feel like the 50 stars featured on my top was a patriotic nod.
Not to mention it went with my Fendi tote…

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Hightlight of the very short trip had to have been witnessing Obama’s personal ride arrive.
Not every day can you see the President’s helicopter swing by to pick him up – with snipers on the roof of the white house, watching, prepared for action.

Thanks to this weekends road-trip through Delaware and Maryland, I now we have 12 states ticked off my list – only 38 to go!!

|Ev xo

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