Winter Wonderland

Snow storm Athena covered NY and it’s surrounds in some beautiful snow.

Yes, the tourist in me was jumping up and down with delight as I saw snow flakes outside my window late Wednesday afternoon – meanwhile my co-workers looked at me and sighed. The sight of fresh snow did not hold the same dreamlike fairytale connotations for them, as they are accustomed to such sights and the implications for travel etc.

What is it about snow though?
The beautiful white covering makes everything appear magical.
I wanted to break out in spontaneous Christmas songs (we all know that snow equals Santa, come on now), and the snow-covered street lamps taking me back to far off magical lands like Narnia – ok am I off on a tangent now?

All this white did reinvigorate my love for the colour.
Fall, winter – sure who cares, you can wear white.

I know there are those who question white in the colder months. I for one say embrace.
OK so maybe not white jeans if it’s pouring out, however there are plenty of nice fall/winter days where white items can be a key feature of your outfit.

Below are some items that I am now salivating over.

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|Ev xo

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