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My Big “BANGS” Theory!

I had a theory, a theory that:
–          Brunettes with bangs have more fun
–          Bangs would make me look a bit younger (perhaps from fear and hope as my birthday approaches….)
–          I would love them on me
–          My husband wouldn’t…
So I decided to take the leap.
As I went for a quick trim (at the gorgeous Butterfly Salon – a must try!!) i watched the hairdresser excitedly cut off 12 inches of hair…
Butterfly Studio Salon
Top: Zara lace & pattern blouse.
New Bangs!
Top: Zara lace & pattern blouse.
New Bangs
If it’s good for Kim K and the first lady, it’s good for me….
Bangs are back baby.
|Ev xo