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Date Night!

I was determined that the flu would not get me down.
Loaded with DayQuil and a tonne of foundation I was off to date night.

Whenever in doubt (or feeling awful)… black is always best!
Therefore, out came the LBD.
Mixed with some subtle splashes of gold (and a jewel on the shoe) for colour.

Last but not least, a fun manicure.
Everything is better after a touch of pampering.
I am generally very boring with my colour choice (OPI Big Apple Red every time).
This time I stepped out of the comfort zone and went with a deep purple (OPI Vant to bite my neck) and a glitter feature nail.
Loving the feature nail as it let’s you have some fun, without having to commit to a full hand of glitter.

Love the see through arms - adding that something special to a simple LBD.

Love the see through arms – adding that something special to a simple LBD.

SABA coat (and freezing legs - is it spring yet????)

SABA trench coat (and freezing legs – is it spring yet????)

The outfit - black with black!

The outfit – black with black!


Jimmy Choo clutch with gold  hardware and tassels.

Jimmy Choo clutch with gold hardware and tassels.


Love these Jimmy Choo pumps with some gold and a jewel for colour.

Love these Jimmy Choo pumps with some gold and a jewel for colour.

Enjoying the city – even when sick!
|Ev xo

Happy New Year!!

NYELast night as I faced the cold rainy Swedish weather in open toe Jimmy Choo pumps to cheer in the new year, I came to a few realizations.

(1) Carrie Bradshaw would never let a small thing like weather curtail her shoe options.
(2) Sequins and sparkle are the NYE uniform, no matter what continent you’re on
(3) There are two kinds of Scandinavian blonde – the real kind that is pristine and enviable. Or the second kind which has been bleached to within an inch of it’s life.
(4) This is the time when you wish you had made BFF’s with at least three taxi drivers.

What a ride 2012 has been – I can’t wait for the adventures of 2013 and here’s hoping we can all keep our New Year’s resolutions (has anyone, ever?????).

Wishing you all the very best for 2013!!!

Love and Louboutin’s
|Ev xo

Planes, trains and Jimmy Choo’s

My four-foot-nothing height has lead me to constantly seek that extra few inches.
So I live in heels. I can walk, jog, run, climb, cook, clean – you name it, and I could do it in heels.

Now there is a difference between being able to do something in heels – and wanting to.
I don’t particularly want to travel in them. I certainly do not, I repeat DO NOT, want to wear my precious heel on the NYC subway.

Pretty shoes, such pretty shoes, in the smelly, dirty subway. NO NO NO NO NO.
Shoes are like a work of art to me. I cannot and will not walk around carelessly destroying their delicate designs, scratching my favourite red soles.
I mean I did on occasion. Believe me I was not happy about it. I needed a solution to keep me sane on my daily subway ride to and from work.

If I was to be caught wearing flats, they better be pretty. Seriously.
Jimmy Choo flats – enter stage left. Gorgeous, comfortable and practical for the subway.

They have however had their time and I have literally worn them to death.

Ripped backs, lost JC plate, lost flower on one….
Goodbye to my Choo.














Obviously the proof of subway dangers lies in my unwearable Choo’s. But what now? Which shoe can replace my travel companion?
So some new choices need to be made.

Pigalove Black Patent/Silver Strass Flats

Jimmy Choo WHIRL
Textured Glitter Leather Ballet Flats

Jimmy Choo WEBER
Suede and Crystal Ballet Flats

Vera Wang Lavender
Jeweled Ballerina Flats

Vince Camuto Evella Flat

Gucci Logo Ballet Flats

What do you think?

|Ev xo