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Wanted Wednesday

So here we are – Wanted Wednesday #2.

There may have been some controversy over WW #1 – specifically around the segment launching with a cuff and not my poison. Namely, shoes.
Fear not my friends – for this weeks wanted item is SHOES!

Christian Louboutin perfection – the Pigalle Spikes in Grenadine.
Pink, spiked and a 12cm (approx. 5 inch) heel.


Florals and corals

Summertime should not preclude you from wearing black.
Au contraire – you just need to make it feel more summery with some florals, or a splash of colour!

My favourite colour this season has to be anything in the coral family. I am finding myself drawn to anything coral spotted on the rack.
So pretty and feminine.

So here is my version of a summertime “black” outfit.


Love this Alex Perry top with a beautiful big floral pattern, an interesting vest-like shape at the top and flattering pleats.


Loving the hair donut!!
So quick, easy and elegant.


Nail colour by Essie – Haute As Hello


The detail on this bag is gorgeous – from the multi coloured panels, to the DVF kiss!

DSC_0346 DSC_0353 DSC_0371 DSC_0401 DSC_0409 DSC_0420 DSC_0427 DSC_0444 DSC_0446 DSC_0466

Floral top – Alex Perry
Skirt – Loft
Shoes – Christian Louboutin En Passant
Bag – DVF 
Nail Polish – Haute As Hello by Essie
Hair donut – here

Enjoying my summer – hope you are too!
|Ev xo

Black & Gold

While black and gold may be a classic combination, throw in shiny gold pants and what you have is anything but classic.
I love these statement gold Zara pants. They can be super dressy, or made more daytime dependant on what you pair them with.



DSC_0352Absolutely in love with this spin on a classic black shirt – sheer tails!! So much fun.

DSC_0267 DSC_0282

The outfit was made complete with some black & gold accessories.
Now don’t also forget the springtime pop of nail colour – here I opted for California Coral by Essie.

DSC_0342 DSC_0333

Pants – Zara
Top – BCBGMaxazria
Bracelet – MARC by Marc Jacobs
Shoes – Fendi



Remember, girls do love gold!
|Ev xo

Birthday Girl Gifts!

Not going to lie – I do love a gift.
Not going to lie – I do like to help my husband with subtle hints each year to make his shopping trip quick and painless.

Subtle hints usually include magazines left open with wanted item circled and links to my birthday wish-list pinterest board.
Or the best approach, really, is just to email the want list with links directly to purchase source!!

And it is that time again – the week of my birthday!
Although I do like to make it a month long celebration.

This year I thought I would add a blog post to my “subtle” hints to the perfect present purchase for my husband!

Louis Vuitton Sobe Clutch!

Louis Vuitton Sobe Clutch!



Miu Miu Handbags • Top Handle Bags

Miu Miu Handbags • Top Handle Bags

Helmut Lang leather pants

Helmut Lang leather pants

Hermès Purple - H Bracelet

Hermès Purple – H Bracelet

Henri Bendel, Deco-Bow Bangle

Henri Bendel, Deco-Bow Bangle

pigalle plato 120mm black rose matador patent leather

pigalle plato 120mm black rose matador patent leather

Prada • Woman • Handbags • Top Handle

Prada • Woman • Handbags • Top Handle

More on http://pinterest.com/ewelinajones/birthday-wish-list/
May every gift delight.
|Ev xo

P.S Can we talk about the new Karl watch that is coming – obsessed!!!!!!!!!!!!

karl watch BMLGD

For the LOVE of shoes!

Happy Valentine’s Day.

May your entire year (not just this day) be filled with love, and SHOES!
Here are just a few that made my heart skip a beat…

Love of Shoes

1. Manolo Blahnik Suede BB
2. Louboutin N.Prive
3. Louboutin Fifi Spikes
4. Bloch Rosette Ballet Flats
5. Louboutin Bianca
6. Oscar ‘de la Renta Gladia sandals
7. Jimmy Choo patent pumps
8. Miu Miu Bow-embellished suede sandals
9. Michael Kors Gideon Suede Pumps
10. Charlotte Olympia Miranda Canvas Sandal
11. Giuseppe Zanotti Cutout Suede Sandals
12. Giuseppe Zanotti Fringed Studded Suede Sandals
13. Charlotte Olympia Dolly Suede Platform Pumps
14. Charlotte Olympia Charlotte’s Web
15. Gianvito Rossi Suede & PVC Pumps
16. Michael Kors Cyprien
17. Yves Saint Laurent Tribtoo
18. Charlotte Olympia Love Me heart-appliquéd suede pumps
So, in the language of love,  amour.
|Ev xo

Shoe Sunday…

Although I was not going to go to the Black Friday sales post Thanksgiving…. they seemed to be calling my name.
Taunting me. Encouraging me.

Especially Bloomingdales. I mean I am practically next door to it. If the crowds are really that bad, I’ll just leave. Right?
Well, to my delight, it was near empty upon my early arrival (the early rising of children being a blessing on this day).

I had a goal, I had a purpose.
Black boots to be more specific. Practical winter boots that will be wearable in the NY weather.

Cole Haan Boots

Cole Haan Boots









Mission accomplished.
They could be worn in a NYC winter, however were still pretty with at least a small heel, and worked with jeans or a skirt.

Now for every practical pair of shoes, every girl needs a pretty pair of shoes.
And pretty is what I found.

Enzo Angiolini

Enzo Angiolini

Enzo Angiolini

Enzo Angiolini

Enzo Angiolini

Enzo Angiolini

Enzo Angiolini

Enzo Angiolini

















Sparkly and fun. These are sure to brighten up any black winter ensemble.
All for a bargain price.

I left not only a very happy shopper with some fabulous shoes, I left feeling very mature, sensible and grown up.
In addition to my shoes purchases (and one or two clothing pieces)… I had actually purchased some amazing new pots and pans to further develop my culinary skills.
Black Friday – i love thee.

Until next year.
|Ev xo

Planes, trains and Jimmy Choo’s

My four-foot-nothing height has lead me to constantly seek that extra few inches.
So I live in heels. I can walk, jog, run, climb, cook, clean – you name it, and I could do it in heels.

Now there is a difference between being able to do something in heels – and wanting to.
I don’t particularly want to travel in them. I certainly do not, I repeat DO NOT, want to wear my precious heel on the NYC subway.

Pretty shoes, such pretty shoes, in the smelly, dirty subway. NO NO NO NO NO.
Shoes are like a work of art to me. I cannot and will not walk around carelessly destroying their delicate designs, scratching my favourite red soles.
I mean I did on occasion. Believe me I was not happy about it. I needed a solution to keep me sane on my daily subway ride to and from work.

If I was to be caught wearing flats, they better be pretty. Seriously.
Jimmy Choo flats – enter stage left. Gorgeous, comfortable and practical for the subway.

They have however had their time and I have literally worn them to death.

Ripped backs, lost JC plate, lost flower on one….
Goodbye to my Choo.














Obviously the proof of subway dangers lies in my unwearable Choo’s. But what now? Which shoe can replace my travel companion?
So some new choices need to be made.

Pigalove Black Patent/Silver Strass Flats

Jimmy Choo WHIRL
Textured Glitter Leather Ballet Flats

Jimmy Choo WEBER
Suede and Crystal Ballet Flats

Vera Wang Lavender
Jeweled Ballerina Flats

Vince Camuto Evella Flat

Gucci Logo Ballet Flats

What do you think?

|Ev xo

Pink Passion…

I am officially obsessed with pink.
And when I say obsessed, I am not referring to a mere weekly Gossip Girl habit…

Just to provide you with some context I could mention a few things – this pink blog, my Pinterest board dedicated to pink (would you expect anything else?), my work desk with bright pink stationary, the children’s bedroom and clothes (I swear I will turn them off being girly and they will become tomboys or goth’s), the multiple pink OPI lacquers, Pink dedicated Instagram account I stalk follow.
I am going to stop there however and not further divulge symptoms of my P-OCD (Pink Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), before you think me insane.

Surprisingly however, there is very little pink in my wardrobe. So little in fact, that one would never suspect my P-OCD.
Times however, they are a changing. I was determined to turn this disgraceful situation around.

Allow me to introduce you to my new Jean-Michel Cazabat shoes.
Not only is the shoe gorge, but I love to pretty packaging. It all add’s to the super-special shoe experience. Who else puts a heart in the box?!?!?!?

Hot pink and HOT – with some nice black detail and an amazing heel (taking me from 4 foot nothing to a much more acceptable hight).
Add to some skinny leg jeans or black opaque tights & skirts for fall.
Don’t be afraid of the pink, these shoes work with everything – we are talking super versatile!!!



Look 1 − 7 For All Mankind jeans, with black satin top and grey jacket (both a few seasons old and not even sure where from – mixing up the old and new!).
Look 2 – Zara skirt and the (same) black satin top with bow tie-up at the back.

Now all I need are some pink tops and skirts to infuse colour into my winter wardrobe.
Oh dear, I will just have to go shopping again (you totes twisted my arm).

|Ev xo

These boots are made for walking…

Although I am a summer girl at heart (and could happily live in 90 degree weather all-year-round) the seasons have certainly changed – fall is definitely here and needs to be embraced.

The good part about that is winter boots – one of the perks of cooler/rainier weather (along with scarves, a FAVE accessory of mine!!!).

Aside from the Bourge Christian Louboutin to-die-for boots that I NEED to own, one must be prepared with some more practical rain-effective footwear.
I know Hunter boots are all the rage – and am normally happy to follow a fashion craze. This time however, I went an alternate path.

These Coach rainboots almost make me ok with the fact that I am not in heels – almost…
Comfortable and stylish – all while protecting me from the rain and slush that will soon cover NYC streets.
Loving the grey and the ever so subtle branding.

Ohhhh shoes, shoes, shoes… one can never have enough of them, no matter what kind!
Will now continue working towards one of my life goals – a larger shoe collection than Imelda Marcos (surely a few thousand isn’t overly ambitious)!

|Ev xo

Shoe situation

There is a joyous new shoe purchase – then there is a shoe procedure to follow.

You buy the Louboutin shoes.
You leave the Louboutin shoes in the brown box, wrapped in the original white paper and with the red dust bag protecting them, maybe for a month.
You check in on them every few days, to marvel and their beauty.
You may then take the Louboutin’s out for their first public appearance. BUT, somewhere you know they will be safe and only on carpet (we don’t want to damage those gorgeous signature red soles).
You continue to protect the red soles by only venturing with them on carpet, for another few months.

After the above procedure, you are ready, ready to take them into the world and into potentially damaging pavements.

The shoe situation i find myself in, is this….
It is NY Fashion Week, luck has landed me a ticket. I have the perfect shoes to wear to the show. However my “Disconoeud 140” have only been owned for just over a month – not even out on carpet for their first public appearance yet…. What do I do? Do I go against the above and wear them?

Surely NY Fashion week trumps the normal shoe procedure and is the perfect place to debut them…!?!?!

|Ev xo